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Master of Science in

Part Time or Full Time / 1–3 Years / Online & Seattle

Work at the Intersection of Language and Technology

Computational linguists help machines process human language. All the pioneering language-based technologies in use today — search engines, predictive text messaging, speech recognition, machine translation and voice-user interfaces — rely on the work of computational linguists.

Place yourself at the forefront of this dynamic field by earning a Master of Science in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington.

UW Master of Science in Computational Linguistics

Hear how the UW Master of Science in Computational Linguistics offers students a baseline understanding of the many ways computational linguistics is being used in the tech space today and the ethics of building language technology.  

Duration: 4:18

Explore the UW Difference

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Work in Emerging Technologies

Prepare yourself for an exciting career. Computational linguists are in demand in quickly evolving areas, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

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Gain Unique Knowledge

Our program is one of the few that combines the study of linguistics and natural language processing, giving you a unique depth of understanding and skillset for your career.

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Get Valuable Experience

Gain hands-on experience through the program's rigorous internships. Our students have interned at some of the world's leading companies, including Amazon and Google.

Learn About Internships

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Enjoy Flexible Learning

With our flexible program, you can choose the schedule and format that works best for you. Study part time or full time, and take classes online or on campus, or both.

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"In the computational linguistics program, we aim to train all our students so that no matter what professional role they go on to have, they can help steer the development of technology away from harm."

Emily M. Bender

Director, UW Master of Science in Computational Linguistics Program | Professor, UW Department of Linguistics

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