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Master of Science in Computational Linguistics

Online Learning

Students in the Master of Science in Computational Linguistics can choose to take the program completely online, on campus, or a combination of online and on-campus classes. Some students start the program online and then relocate to the Seattle area to complete the program in person.

It is possible to complete the program online in as little as one year, depending on faculty availability and which elective courses you select (some electives may not be available within a one-year timeframe). We encourage online students to attend the program's start-of-year orientation in person, if possible; the orientation will be made available on webcast for those who can't make it to campus.

How Online Learning Works

Whether attending online or in person, students begin a course at the same time and work through the coursework together. You can access course materials — such as assignments, readings, lecture notes and slides — over the web and make use of online forums.

Online students participate in live lectures in real time using web conferencing software or watch them later in recorded form. They participate in group projects by using online forums as well as tools like Skype to collaborate with their peers. All students have the same deadlines and need to keep up with all lectures, readings, activities and assignments.

Technology Requirements

To participate in the program, you should have a: 

  • Computer able to run a recent version of a major web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection 

In addition, if a course relies on a specific software or technology, it will be described in the syllabus.